Bel Beltz

Managing Director


Bel has carved a niche for herself as a People & Culture leader, owed to 25+ years of experience across Local and State Government, not-for-profit and private enterprise sectors.  Bel has worked across all states and territories to deliver cultural transformations, specialising in organisational redesign, job design, remuneration, industrial relations, coaching/mentoring, and private investigation.

She has an impressive history of executive-level leadership and board governance and his highly successful in driving organisational strategies, developing and implementing governance frameworks, earning the confidence of key stakeholders, building rapport and support amongst diverse groups, leading cross-functional 500+ staff and volunteers, and establishing a positive and enthusiastic workplace culture.

Bel’s expertise includes organisational growth initiatives, cultural transformations, and strategies: enhancing performance through analysing existing processes and implementing effective systems, strategies, and policies. Leveraging on extensive expertise in organisational redesign, executive management, mergers and acquisitions, funding initiatives, industrial and employee relations, people & culture, and revenue growth.

Bel is expert in remuneration & benefits, employee/industrial relations, mentoring and training executives and managers, devising best practice learning & development frameworks, programs and increasing employee engagement. Proven expertise in human resource management, formulating recruitment and retention plans, and adhering to employment laws. Innate ability to develop wide range of proactive strategies, manage employee/industrial relations, provide operational leadership, and resolve disputes. Adept at all aspects of HR functions.

Bel is also a qualified private investigator and specialises in Workplace Investigations and facilitating workplace discussions.

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