Workers Compensation complex case management

The workers’ compensation process and systems can be complex and difficult to navigate.

The BelRose Group People & Culture Gurus can assist with navigating employers and employees on the workers compensation journey.

The recovery and return-to-work process can be streamlined by active case management which can have a huge impact on the longevity and complexity of the claim.  Active case management should be a collaborative process of assessment, facilitation and advocacy that assists people return to maximum health and function after injury or illness.

There are three simple steps to making a workers compensation claim:

  1. Report injury to employer
  2. Injured worker visit the doctor and obtain a workers compensation certificate
  3. Injured worker complete and submit a claim form

After the claim is lodged it is important that the employer actively manages the claim to ensure support is provided to the employee and if the employee is incapacitated in any way, that the employee is returned to work as soon as practicable. 

The BelRose Group has strong relationships with a number of insurance companies and can help with this process.

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Complex case management

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