Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition and recruitment are commonly mistaken for being the same thing, but are they? Whilst recruitment is certainly a part of talent acquisition, it does not encompass everything that is required to satisfy the ongoing staffing needs of an organisation on its own.

Recruitment is the process of filling a position in the current environment, brought on by an immediate need, whilst Talent acquisition focuses on having the right people lined-up to fit positions as they open up, whether it be now or in the future.

Talent acquisition is a proactive, continuous approach with an emphasis on identifying and engaging expert talent with the required skills, and involves strategic processes to find talents with particular skill sets to meet current, long-term and future company needs.

Focusing on the strategic management of a company’s projected workforce, talent acquisition is about creating a talent pipeline of candidates to be accessed and placed when the time is right. Successful talent acquisition involves lead generation, talent sourcing, attraction, maintenance of the candidate life cycle and ensuring the candidate is engaged throughout the life of the process, and retention of the talent once placed successfully in the organisation.

If done effectively, talent acquisition will assist an organisation to maintain their continuous resource planning, improve employee retention and strengthen employee engagement and morale.

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