Recruitment (end-to-end)

Recruitment is about finding the right person for the right job, in the right organisation.

Usually an immediate need, recruitment typically revolves around filling a current job vacancy resulting from a staff turnover or organisations growth. End-to-end recruitment refers to the entire life cycle of the process, from conception of the vacancy, through the advertising, searching, screening, interview process, with the goal of finalising a process with references, compilation of employment contracts and ending with a successful on-boarding process.

With many steps throughout the cycle of a true end-to-end recruit, each step is as important as the one prior, and the one following. Starting with accurate development of the position, including a succinct and detailed job description, will ensure attraction of suitable candidates to the position, advertising to mediums suited to the skill set of the position and utilisiting contemporary sourcing processes, will lead to attracting a talented pool of candidates.

The current employment market is unique, with the environment being very much a candidate’s market at this time, sourcing of candidates looks very different to how it has in the past. Sourcing the perfect candidate may involve talent acquisition, networking, or head hunting to find the right fit.

Many organisations follow the traditional flow of a recruitment process well, however once the process is finished, they tend to fall a little flat with the last phase of the recruitment process, on-boarding. A thorough, inclusive, informative and ongoing on-boarding process is pivotal in the candidate’s establishment into the company. An effective on-boarding process can cement the decision for the candidate and build loyalty, engagement and morale. An in-effective on-boarding… can do the opposite.

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