Policy Development

Policies are vital to the ongoing success of an organisation. They protect the organisation from certain risk factors, ensure the company is maintaining its compliance in its relevant industry and provides employees and Managers with guidance around expectations and behaviours required during their employment, so that everyone is on the same page. 

Sounds important, doesn’t it? Yup, however many organisations struggle with the constant moving parts that make up a full suite of company policies and are left with many gaps.

Many organisations have outdated policies with irrelevant legislation, or more importantly do not include current relevant legislation, ‘un-written’ policies, or are simply missing new policies that are required the more the corporate world evolves, with policies around updated discrimination definitions, social media, intellectual intelligence or bullying being commonly overlooked.

The BelRose Group are experts in audit, process and policy development. We work with your organisation to find out what your specific needs are, where your challenge areas may be and conduct a full audit of your current employee handbook, policies and procedures to identify gaps and, of most value, provide you with the solutions to fill these gaps and reduce potential liability or non compliance issues.

As an external party, the BelRose Group can see your company policy through a clear lens, without the “that’s the way it’s always been” mindset, and can provide your organisation with solid, contemporary policies and procedures to ensure consistency across your organisation, meet legislation and compliance requirements, and provide a solid foundation for employee accountability.

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