Job Design, Evaluation & Remuneration

Job Design, Evaluation & Remuneration

The BelRose Group has a number of skilled practitioners experienced in Job Design, Evaluation and Remuneration.

                Job Design

Job design is the process of scoping a role’s key objective, tasks and responsibilities. The main purpose of job design (or redesign) is to provide role clarity and clearly articulate key tasks and responsibilities to maximise performance.

                Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation is an analytical, systematic, and quantitative assessment of evaluating the work value of the role within an organisation.  Job Evaluation evaluates the job, not position holder.  It is important to remove the person from the role to conduct an independent and unbiased job evaluation.  Undertaking a Job Evaluation process helps to position roles with relativities within an organisation.

                Remuneration Frameworks and Benchmarking

A competitive pay package is a critical element in attraction and retention.  So, it is no surprise that wages are rising as employers struggle to attract talent and retain their current employees.

The BelRose Group will work with you to develop a remuneration framework that is competitive, flexible and most importantly the right fit for your organisation.


Understanding the external value (Salary Benchmarking) will assist organisations to secure high calibre talent and retain high performing and engaged employees.  By understanding typical salaries across the General or National Market and like industry, an organisation can (subject to capacity to pay) offer a competitive salary to attract candidates and retain talent. 

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