Head Hunting

In the current job market, companies can no longer expect the perfect candidate to come knocking on our door… sometimes we have to knock on theirs instead!  

Traditionally, head-hunting was used for higher level Executive roles, such as CEO’s, however head-hunting has become common practice in the field of recruitment, with the understanding that the perfect candidate doesn’t always know they even want to leave their current role for a fabulous new one, until you tell them they do!  

Professional head-hunting is a proactive approach now utilised by many organisations in a variety of hard-to-fill, or specialist positions. 

Utilising their professional networks, and usually working for professional recruitment agencies, head-hunters typically directly approach candidates with the job brief, selling the attributes of the position and attracting candidates to the company by a variety of means, be it lifestyle, the company’s direction, career progression or perks of the position. Head-hunters present the job particulars to the candidates they feel meet the requirements of the position and the organisation, and through skilled discussion and negotiation, entice them to consider the new opportunity. 

Once the candidate has expressed their interest in the opportunity, the traditional recruitment process commences, undertaking the assessment and interview process, through to employment and on-boarding.  

The benefit of undertaking a head-hunting recruitment process is that companies can seek specialised candidates for roles, without publishing those roles in the public domain, with a targeted, defined approach, reaching candidates traditional advertising methods would not attract, resulting in a premium field of candidates for assessment.

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