Our specialist People and Culture Guru’s have extensive careers, come from a variety of industry backgrounds, and are experts across a large range of People and Culture related functions. Collectively we have over 100 years of People and Culture experience! 

If your organisation has an immediate need for People and Culture support, in a short or long-term capacity, to focus on one problem, one project or a collection of challenges, our Guru’s are there for you. 

Lending support, being a sounding board and having a resource providing advice in an “on the ground” capacity can be invaluable to an organisation who may be finding some aspects of managing their people a little challenging. 

Located across multiple parts of Australia (currently covering Darwin, Tasmania and Victoria) our Guru’s can help with a range of services such as performance management, position development, recruitment, IR, payroll, training and development and organisational development…the list goes on! 

Every member of our fabulous team are professional, personable, intelligent, problem solvers who can hit the ground running to help with any People and Culture challenges your organisation may be experiencing!

Belinda Beltz

Some of our amazing team...